Friday ramblings

It's Friday morning. . . which means my day off, and a chance to sleep in and not wake up to the jolting sound of an alarm clock. Every since I had mono a few years back, I have basically been able to sleep as much as I want. I've never been one of those people with an automatic alarm clock in their head that goes off each morning. But now that I have started getting up at 6:30 AM for work, my body has obviously decided to change things up.

I woke up at 8:01 today. Wide awake. Still a little sleepy, but awake nonetheless. So, I got up. And this is what I saw outside our window:

That's right, 24 degrees of goodness! Not snow, mind you, but lots of frost and fog. Isn't it beautiful?

Poor Jeffrey was assigned the task of dropping the car off at the mechanic and then walking (the short 1/4 mile) to school. I'm sure I will hear about it when he gets home. He has been wanting actual snow for a while so this will have to do.

Meanwhile, I am sitting in our big, cozy chair by the fire place. O, how blessed we are to have one of these wonderful toasty inventions! There is just nothing like the heat of the fire place. We haven't even had to turn the heat on yet! I am currently drinking fresh ground coffee (is there really any other way??) with gingerbread creamer, and eating this green deliciousness of a muffin. Try it, super easy, nutritious, and mmmmmtasty! (I would, however, recommend blending the banana with the first few ingredients).

Today, I want to make peanut butter balls. Scratch that, I have no form of transportation. My car is in the shop and Subi is not feeling so hot lately. Maybe I will brave his grumpy engine and give it a go though if I get to stir crazy.

Happy friday everyone!


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